Saturday, June 22, 2013

Class Structure

I wanted to share how I structure a class at my school.  I have been teaching Taekwondo for about a year now and have settled on some simple plans for a good adult martial arts class.  When I started, I did not want to simply emulate what I had been taught, but rather improve upon it by sharing what I know and understand through my own personal training.  The basic class structure is as follows:

  1. Joint Warm Up
  2. Cardio\Strength Training Warm Up
  3. Dynamic Stretching
  4. Practical Curriculum Elements
  5. Stretching
This structure above is designed to take the adult body, which is probably stiff as wood when it enters the dojahng and prepares it for its best possible performance for the "Practical Curriculum" section of the class.  Traditional martial arts warm-ups start with items #1 and immediately follow to #5.  This doesn't work for me and from what I have learned through research, it doesn't work for most people and could lead to injury if care is not taken.  The body is much more elastic after a workout and focus on stretching to enhance flexibility should be done at the END of class, not the beginning.

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